You’ve seen one Ferrante, you’ve seen them both, apparently.

Twins Brian and Bret Ferrante aren’t attached at the hip, but Coach Cliff Farrar rarely sees one without the other at Nordhoff High.

“They are truly good friends,” Farrar said. “They work out together, they hang out around campus together.

“They push each other to be the best.”

The Rangers (10-2) reap the benefits.

The Ferrantes have accounted for 153 tackles and five interceptions.

Brian, a 6-foot, 190-pound senior linebacker, leads the team with 106 tackles.

Bret, who is slightly slimmer than his brother, starts at fullback and defensive back. He has 602 yards and six touchdowns in 122 carries and has made three interceptions.


Farrar has had a tough time distinguishing between the two, until recently.

“Bret has a shorter haircut now,” Farrar said. “But with their helmets on, you can’t tell them apart.”


Valencia loses only to the best. The combined record of teams that have defeated the Vikings this season is 34-2.

Peninsula is 12-0, Hart 12-0 and Saugus 10-2.