Jets Find Redemption


The New York Jets, among the preseason Super Bowl favorites before injuries derailed them, are one of the league’s hottest teams as the postseason looms. But the Jets, who are 6-2 after a 1-6 start, will head home after Sunday’s season finale against the Seattle Seahawks.

“We are just as good as anybody out there and we can go out and play with anybody,” safety Victor Green said. “Unfortunately, the record doesn’t prove that. We won’t be able to showcase our ability in the playoffs.”

Their second-half turnaround, however, seems to have energized Coach Bill Parcells, who sounds as if he plans to remain on the job next season.


“It’s fun, it beats working,” said Parcells, who will be 59 next season. “And when you win a game like that [38-31 over the Miami Dolphins on Monday night], it makes a lot of your work worthwhile.

“I have always liked football. I have a lot of respect for the game and my predecessors and the league. It’s a very definitive, stern test of your mettle.”

Meanwhile, the staggering Dolphins have lost five of seven but will make the playoffs if the Seahawks lose to the Jets or the Kansas City Chiefs lose to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. A Dolphin victory over the Washington Redskins helps them only if the Seahawks or Chiefs tie.

Still, Coach Jimmy Johnson said, “We need the win just for our own pride to get back on the winning track. Right now it’s a very fragile team confidence-wise.”

Speaking of fragile, was Dan Marino waving goodbye to Miami as he walked off the field Monday night?

Not necessarily.

“My kids asked me to wave to them after the game,” he said.