Train Kills Man as He Promotes Church

An Oxnard man who was inviting someone to church was struck and killed by a train early Sunday, according to officials.

Manuel Marcopulos Lopez III, 26, was attempting to talk to a man about coming to a worship service along the 100 block of North Oxnard Boulevard when he was hit by an oncoming train. He died instantly, the county coroner’s office said.

Lopez had been riding in a car when he saw the acquaintance, got out of the car and crossed the tracks to speak to the other man.

Lopez was a group leader for a Victory Outreach church in Oxnard, a religious group that works with ex-gang members and former drug addicts.


Friends said Lopez showed no signs of depression or hearing problems but reportedly became very focused when he was involved in Victory Outreach missionary work, said an official at the coroner’s office.