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Spectators at Glendale High on Saturday night said they had never seen anything like it. With Hart’s lead slipping away, along with Eric Sondheimer’s chances of beating your Soothsaying Swami, the veteran sportswriter bolted onto the field in a desperate attempt to do what Hart couldn’t--bring down Loyola QB Matt Ware. Onlookers gasped as Sondheimer grabbed Ware’s leg and was dragged kicking and screaming into the end zone on a 43-yard touchdown run. Of course, that didn’t happen. But Loyola’s come-from-behind victory did lift The Prophet over Sondheimer, who took his defeat like a man by crying and pounding his fists on his desk. This week’s challenger, Mike Bresnahan, is a former receiver at Buckley, which dropped football shortly after Mike dropped his last pass.

The Prophet

Season totals for the Prophet: 49 of 75 (66%), 69 points

Mike Bresnahan

Season totals for the guests: 46 of 75 (61%), 66 points

GAME OF THE WEEK (5 points)

Buena at Ventura

THE PROPHET SAYS: Ventura RB Tyler Ebell rewards his offensive linemen by buying them dinner after a big rushing game. At the rate they’re going, Ebell will be broke and linemen will be big as houses by the end of the season. Ventura, 30-21.

BRESNAHAN SAYS: Buena was primed for the upset . . . until it got creamed by Paso Robles, a charming spot whose inhabitants treat visitors with the same warmth and affection they’d give a wild-eyed mongrel. Ventura, 31-17.


OTHER TOP GAMES (each 3 points)

Granada Hills at Taft

THE PROPHET SAYS: As long as Coach Troy Starr avoids sending his offense to play defense, Taft should low-bridge the Highlanders in this West Valley League opener. Taft, 34-24.

BRESNAHAN SAYS: I’d rather be the second-to-last one voted off the island than endure the embarrassment Coach Troy Starr did two weeks ago. But big victories make people forget big boo-boos. Taft, 40-27.


Highland at Palmdale

THE PROPHET SAYS: Palmdale QB Terry Furlow is ready to shake, rattle and roll as the Falcons begin their quest for the Golden League title. Palmdale, 36-21.

BRESNAHAN SAYS: A Golden League team has a quarterback who can throw a forward pass! Palmdale, 17-6.


Saugus vs. Valencia at College of the Canyons

THE PROPHET SAYS: Hart will win another Foothill League title, but steady Valencia takes the first step toward playing bridesmaid again. Valencia, 27-14.

BRESNAHAN SAYS: Running back Manuel White is at UCLA, but Valencia won’t have a problem with Saugus. By the way, can White play quarterback? Valencia, 27-17.


THE REST (1 point each)

* Pasadena vs. Crescenta Valley at Glendale High: The Prophet: Who says Crescenta Valley has abandoned its running game? RB Jason Hogan carried the Falcons over Burroughs last week. Crescenta Valley, 31-16. Bresnahan: Crescenta Valley, 41-14.

* Monroe at Kennedy: The Prophet: Kennedy’s victory over Granada Hills in the big game last week was crucial in The Prophet slamming Sondheimer. This week’s task is easier. Kennedy, 37-20. Bresnahan: Kennedy, 31-14.

* Reseda at San Fernando: The Prophet: After losses to Birmingham and Taft, San Fernando gets back on track against the struggling Regents. San Fernando, 28-14. Bresnahan: San Fernando, 20-16.

* Burroughs at Canyon: The Prophet: Canyon Coach Jack Bowman is going to wish he was suspended for this Foothill League opener after the Cowboys get scalped by the Indians. Burroughs, 24-20. Bresnahan: Canyon, 26-21.

* Lancaster at Antelope Valley: The Prophet: Antelope Valley QB Demetre Booker is biding his time until a Nov. 3 showdown against Furlow and Palmdale. Antelope Valley, 27-13. Bresnahan: Antelope Valley, 30-22.

* Royal at Thousand Oaks: The Prophet: Thousand Oaks, off to an 0-5 start, gets the Royal treatment and falls to 0-6. Royal, 20-14. Bresnahan: Royal, 35-20.


* Pasadena Muir at Glendale: The Prophet: Muir reportedly has its worst team in years, but the Mustangs would have to stoop pretty low to lose to the Dynamiters. Muir, 32-7. Bresnahan: Muir, 21-10.

* Oxnard at Hueneme: The Prophet: The folks in Oxnard should turn out en masse to witness this cross-town brouhaha. Hueneme, 26-21. Bresnahan: Hueneme, 38-18.

* Carpinteria at Oak Park: The Prophet: After finally getting its entire team on the field, the Eagles soared to a big victory over Nordhoff. Look for a repeat. Oak Park, 31-17. Bresnahan: Oak Park, 28-17.

* Chaminade at St. Bernard: The Prophet: Things go south for Chaminade when QB Erik Vose’s signals can’t be heard over the din of jet engines from adjacent LAX. St. Bernard, 21-14. Bresnahan: Chaminade, 20-13.

* Kilpatrick vs. Montclair Prep at Valley College: The Prophet: RB Gary Sonkur’s sixth consecutive 200-yard-plus rushing game gets the Mounties to 6-0. Montclair Prep, 35-26. Bresnahan: Montclair Prep, 31-21.