NBA Fines Cuban $100,000 for Prime Seat on Baseline

From Associated Press

Mark Cuban was fined again by the NBA, this time $100,000 for sitting on the baseline during the Dallas Mavericks’ game Wednesday night in Minneapolis.

“I wasn’t aware this was finable, there isn’t a rule against it,” Cuban said via e-mail to the Associated Press. “They said it wasn’t fitting for an owner to sit there. Ridiculous.”

It was the fifth time this season and second in a week that Commissioner David Stern has fined Cuban. So far, Cuban has been assessed $395,000. The previous four fines, including one for $250,000, were made for criticism of officials.

The billionaire owner said he doesn’t think the fines detract from the Mavericks’ success on the floor this season. Dallas is 24-14.

“The Mavs’ play stands on its own. When the ball goes up, the cameras are on the players, and no one cares what I do but David Stern,” Cuban said.


Cuban sat on the bench alongside Dallas trainers and reserves during his team’s 106-86 victory over the Timberwolves, claiming there were no open seats behind the bench and he did not want to take one of the coach’s seats.

On Jan. 4, Cuban was fined $250,000 when he criticized officials and showed replays on a scoreboard of a disputed call that went against the Mavericks.