Dogged by Pets

Regarding "Pet-Loving Tenants Dogged by Obstacles" by Clara Young (July 8): I rented to a wonderful dog owner and one month later he fell in love with a non-canine .... He was home twice a day to feed and walk the dog. I was left during the rest of the 23 1/2 hours with a pathetic dog who barked at all hours of the night and whose hair fell out from neglect.

I also rented to a kitten owner ... when the carpets were pulled up the floor was ruined from cat urine. The hardwood floors, the carpet and the screens had to be replaced. Of course, the security deposit didn't cover all of the damage.

Been there done that.




Your article about dog-owning tenants made no mention of two very important considerations.

One is the problem of barking. Tenants have a right to the "quiet enjoyment" of their apartments, and in many cases this is written into the lease agreement. But can a landlord guarantee this right if he allows dogs to live in the building?

Secondly, I believe it is inhumane to keep a dog, especially a large dog, cooped up in an apartment. Your story quotes the Humane Society of Los Angeles [spokesperson] as saying that if all rental housing units permitted pets, about 6.5 million animals could be placed in homes. What an appalling scenario; apparently they favor the confining of animals in apartments even though dogs need the free dom of an exercise yard at the very least.


Santa Monica

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