Kennedy, Softball

To prepare for the next softball season, I'm going to play travel ball for the Impact Softball Club, and I'll have a chance to play about 60 games over the summer. I'm also going to condition on my own time. One of the things I do is attach a rope to a tire and pull the tire while I sprint. I also jog. As a pitcher, I try to strengthen my arm using tension with a Finch Windmill, which I've had since I was little. I'll also be taking pitching and batting lessons, so I'll have at least 25 hours a week devoted to preparation.


Santa Ana, Wrestling

One of my goals for next year is to be a [Southern Section] champion. I know if I want to accomplish this, I need to work out hard in the summer. My plans are to get as much mat time as I can, enter as many tournaments as I can and make all the practices. And when there isn't practice, wrestle my brothers to get extra work. It's going to take a lot of work, but I'm willing to do it.


Newport Harbor,

Cross-Country Coach

I look at cross-country season starting June 1, and roughly that gives us about 100 days before our first race. In the summer, we'll meet at 5 a.m., Monday through Friday, and over that 100-day span run 300-400 miles. We'll run maybe a couple of 10Ks in the summer and we'll also take a trip with the varsity up to Mammoth in August. Obviously, you want to get a good week of training up there and you get some good hills and the altitude. But it's more about building camaraderie. And once you have them there, you have more of a captive audience.


San Clemente, Swimming

I haven't really set any goals for next high school season, but one of my goals for right now is to make it to the Goodwill Games this summer. I'm training really hard right now and I'm also working on my distance swimming. I want to get better in my off-events and lower all my times.


Dana Hills, Tennis

I'll be playing every day. I'll be in the gym to get more muscle so I can become quicker on the court. I'll try and watch what I eat and make sure I get a good protein intake. I'll do a lot of the same things I do during the season, because the tennis season never really ends.


As a graduating senior, what will you miss most about playing high school sports?

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