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Small thoughts on big win:

I believe Shaq is the greatest. U2?

Kobe is Destiny's Man-Child.

Coach Jackson is the Lakers' heart and soul patch.

Lue matched Iverson cornrow for cornrow.

Iverson needed a long-sleeve turtleneck to cover up all that nasty ink.

Eric Snow looks like that old "Webster" show guy.

Tyrone Hill looks like singer Seal, and I don't mean that in a good way.

Robert Horry is the real Fresh Prince.

I'm just glad I don't have to look at/listen to that "Weakest Link" game show "mean-lady" again.

Can I have T.J.'s Page 2 gig if he gets jacked-up in the celebration?

Anthony Bazza Small

Dana Point


Last year it was Rick Fox having a baby during the playoffs and the Lakers won the title. This year it was Brian Shaw's turn for a baby, and the Lakers won again. Is there a pattern here? Perhaps another Laker (Kobe?) should take the initiative and plan another birth for next year's playoffs?

Adi Rhone

Santa Monica


Would any of the so-called Laker "fans" who attended the fourth game of the series against San Antonio in 1999 and actually booed a then-20-year-old Kobe Bryant care to step forward now and acknowledge their incredible lack of foresight? Somehow I suspect they're nowhere to be found.

What happened that year was a learning experience and probably a necessity. It has been more than made up for by what has happened the last two, and what is yet to come.

Carol Weissberg



This morning I am an L.A. citizen and very proud of it. As a current surfer and climber I admire the sports philosophy of Phil Jackson. His enlightened perspective has been somewhat ridiculed by the press, but to see Shaq and Kobe and the wonderful Laker team excel to such high levels of play and unselfish devotion has been a life-affirming experience for me.

What I'm most proud of is the wonderful group of men the Lakers are. To hear them speak so eloquently and play so passionately has been a profound testament to the greatness that athletics can be about. The Lakers have brought our city together in so many ways because we all are better people for watching the transformation that our team has made this last season. As the Lakers have learned and taught us along the way, unselfishness and pulling together can create a entity bigger than the sum of its parts.

How can we as city apply this same approach? If we could, can you imagine what we could accomplish?

Bob Carmichael



Wasn't it the 76ers who were calling Derek Fisher a "fluke"? A fluke? He consistently nailed down his three-point shots, played that crybaby Iverson like a second skin and all the while never complained about the tactics of the other team. A "fluke"? The best response from Derek was his last three-point shot in the final minute, shutting the door on the 76ers.

Derek has the heart of a champion and the professionalism not to involve himself in a war of words.

Vince Ruiz



Webster's II Dictionary defines "adversity" as follows: "great affliction or hardship," or "a misfortune." To the best of my knowledge, two crybaby multi-millionaires with egos the size of their paychecks learning how to share a ball does not fit either of the definitions above.

For this Laker team to refer to all of the adversity they had to overcome on the road to their (admittedly impressive) second consecutive NBA championship is an insult to those people who actually do overcome true hardships and misfortunes every day in simply trying to live their lives. For this reason I say: Congratulations, Lakers, now shut up! And go, Clippers.

Jay Pelissier



The only thing that stopped the Lakers from going 15-0 in the playoffs was rust. I never doubted that the Lakers could win the NBA championship again this year. But I was surprised how easily they won. Whether they are considered one of the greatest teams of all times or not, they proved to me that they are.

Oscar Alvarez

Huntington Park


Thanks to NBC for the coverage of the Philadelphia 76ers and Allen Iverson. Maybe next year some time could be dedicated to the winning team.

Greg Hanson

Long Beach


Congratulations to the 76ers, the greatest 12-11 playoff team in NBA history. All the heart that they showed while getting beat four games to one was truly inspiring. Just imagine, if they had just four or five (or six) bounces go the other way, they might have swept the Lakers.

The Lakers? Oh yeah, I guess 23 wins in their last 24 games is commendable too, especially when faced with all that 76er heart and effort.

The preceding message was for people who've been brainwashed by two months of Doug Collins.

John Repka

Laguna Beach


Lets see: MVP of the league or MVP of the Finals? Hey Philly, it don't mean a thing if you ain't got the ring!

Sam Rizzardo

Harbor City


The Lakers are majestic champions, finishing off a glorious playoff run beating a valiant but undermanned 76er team, led by the courageous Allen Iverson.

So how does The Times represent Laker fans? With a series of letters dissing Iverson and the 76ers.

The Lakers have a great team, but their hateful, ignorant fans have as much class as they have a football team. What a shame.

Andy Rovins



Great, the Lakers won another world championship. I'm happy. Now, will all you front-running morons take the flags off your cars?

Paul Erkel


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