Reeves Finally Able to Scrape Off the Ice

Times Staff Writer

Thirty-five years ago, Dan Reeves lost the most famous game ever played in Lambeau Field. So perhaps it was fair that he coached the team that ended the Green Bay Packers’ 11-game playoff winning streak there.

To Reeves, a running back on the Dallas Cowboy team that lost the NFL championship game here in 1967, Saturday’s weather was balmy compared to the minus-13 temperatures for the game nicknamed the “Ice Bowl.”

“You couldn’t ask for better weather,” he said of the 31-degree weather at kickoff. “Very little wind. Coming up here, in January, it’s unbelievable the type of weather.”

He’s glad there will be some new highlights ... instead of his option pass touchdown.


“It’s amazing to me that they’re still showing that,” Reeves said. “All I did was complete one little pass.

“Beating them up here, they’ll be showing that for a long time. Those guys were a part of it. It’s something that they can remember for a long time.”


Among the things that didn’t go the Packers’ way was a punt in the first half that was ruled to have bounced off Packer returner Eric Metcalf and was recovered by the Falcons.


Metcalf signaled for a fair catch, but Atlanta’s Kevin McCadam pushed Green Bay’s Tyrone Williams into him. The ball appeared to hit McCadam first, but the officials ruled it had hit Williams.

Referee Bernie Kukar told a pool reporter that it is a reviewable situation.

Green Bay Coach Mike Sherman said that he was told he could not challenge the call.

“Nobody from this crew told him that,” Kukar said.

Also: “If a player is actively blocking another player, and then there is a collision with the return man, there is no foul. There is no fair catch interference in this case.”


From Packer defensive end Vonnie Holliday:

“We knew that Michael Vick was going to make some plays, but it was important for us to stop the guys around him.


“It’s kind of like when you played the Bulls back in the day. You know Michael Jordan’s going to make some plays. But you can’t let Scottie [Pippen] and you can’t let the team around him make plays. We did that today. ... It seems like they were doing whatever they wanted to, whenever they wanted to.”