At This Point, Is He Really Air Anything?


Did Michael Jordan get Eastern Conference player of the week solely on the strength of a 41-point performance against the Ron Artest-less Pacers? Because he certainly didn’t get it for any of the other games he played last week, all of which were pretty unmemorable.

I guess it’s another parting gift on the “Jordan Farewell Tour III: Is That a Gold-Plated Harley, or are You Just Happy to See Me Retire?” that seems to be underway.

OK, so “His Groundness” doesn’t need a walker to move around the court, and every once in a while he actually scores his age. But let’s not condescend to Jordan’s insatiable need for the limelight. I’m sure he’ll figure out another way to feed his ego (we hope) once he has finally left the court.


If he ever leaves.

Paul Zemanek

Santa Monica