This one takes the cake on police reports

Times Staff Writer

For the second time since his arrival in Los Angeles, Kwame Brown had a police report filed against him, this one involving a birthday cake.

The Lakers center was accused of ruining a $190 chocolate cake belonging to a birthday celebrant, Alexander Martinez, who was holding it outside a Hermosa Beach club early Saturday morning.

Brown was out with a group of teammates for Ronny Turiaf’s birthday, when he exited the club at about 2 a.m., grabbed the cake and threw it, hitting Martinez’s upper back, according to a police report. Brown then left in a limousine.


Turiaf said Wednesday that the cake was meant to hit him, which it did on the back of the head, but he declined further comment.

The Lakers had defeated the Orlando Magic at Staples Center a few hours before the incident.

Martinez, listed at 5 feet 9 and 165 pounds in the report, was out for a 30th birthday celebration with his wife and other friends. He filed his police report 12 hours later.

The district attorney declined to file charges against Brown, who was unavailable for comment and is not traveling with the Lakers on their three-game trip because he has been sidelined by a sprained ankle.

“It was a misunderstanding,” Lakers spokesman John Black said. “We’re glad that the authorities saw that it’s without merit. This can be put behind us and we can move on now.”

Before the cake toss, Martinez had asked for, and received, a photo with Turiaf outside a different club, according to the report.


After the incident, the accuser saw Lamar Odom exiting a nearby pizza place and told the Lakers forward what had happened.

One of Odom’s friends, described as a possible bodyguard in the report, pushed Martinez into the street and told him to “Get away from Lamar.”

Odom, however, told his friend to leave Martinez alone. “Calm down,” Odom said, according to the report. “He didn’t do anything.”

Odom also did not travel on the Lakers’ trip because of an injury.

Brown was accused of sexual assault by a college student last May in the middle of the Lakers’ first-round playoff series against Phoenix. Prosecutors declined to file charges because of insufficient evidence.