They got next?

So, how many of you die-hard basketball fans tuned in to the WNBA last Saturday when you couldn't find any actual playoff games being broadcast? How can there be no NBA game Saturday, with one Sunday and two scheduled for Monday? Easy. In its pathetic attempt to lure male fans, they now have deemed it necessary to preempt and schedule men's games around the struggling WNBA.

That my wife won't even watch WNBA games is telling.

David Ettinger


The coveted Stupidity Award for 2008 goes to C.L. Miller of Fullerton, who last week wrote: "You could put a team of high school boys in the WNBA and not only would they go undefeated but they could easily win every game by 50 points."

I hate to dignify such an idiotic statement, but I'll tell you what, C.L: To keep it local, let's match Beverly Hills High against the Sparks and you can keep your 50 points and I'll take the Sparks straight up and bet you any amount you wish to name.

Joel Rapp

Los Angeles

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