Obama campaign sees opportunity in NCAA tournament brackets

President Obama’s reelection campaign is tapping into excitement over the start of March Madness with a challenge to supporters: Best the president in bracket predictions and the campaign will “publish” your name on its website.

Termed the “Obama Bracket Challenge,” the campaign asks participants to fill out and submit their bracket predictions on the campaign website.

“How’s this for bragging rights,” the website says, promising to “publish a list of everyone who does better than the president” after the tournament is over.

But the challenge doesn’t end there.


Participants who submit a bracket are greeted with a new message -- “Now, help out our team!” -- and a donation submission form.

“Help support the president in another big match-up that’s happening this year: the one in November,” the message says. “Pitch in whatever you can today.”

Participants are not required to donate to the campaign in order to compete in the challenge.

As has become his tradition, Obama will submit his bracket picks to ESPN. He’ll defend his choices in an interview with the network, which will air Wednesday night.

Obama failed to predict any of the Final Four teams last year. Yet his men’s bracket picks placed in the 87.4 percentile, and his women’s bracket choices placed in the 77.09 percentile.

The Obama Bracket Challenge applies only to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are scheduled to travel to Dayton, Ohio, tonight to watch the “First Four” matchup between Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky.


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