Jaime Lee


Jamison Realty, Inc.
Commercial Developers

Jaime Lee is CEO of Jamison Realty, the leasing and brokerage arm of the Jamison group of companies. In her position as CEO, Lee is in charge of managing the firm’s portfolio of approximately 100 buildings totaling 18 million square feet, including acquisitions/dispositions, commercial and multifamily leasing and management, marketing, and external relations. During her time as CEO of Jamison Realty, Lee has led the push to rebrand the company and its properties by positioning them to capitalize on a burgeoning tech scene across Miracle Mile, Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire, and downtown. Under Lee’s guidance, Jamison has evolved as a company, with its rise in the multifamily industry over the last six years serving as a sterling example of the company’s willingness to embrace new opportunities. Lee, along with her siblings Garrett and Phillip, has worked to augment the products Jamison can offer in response to the market’s rapidly increasing multifamily housing demand.