Tilden Moschetti


Real Estate Attorney
Moschetti Law Group, PC
Professional Services Advisors

Tilden Moschetti is a commercial real estate and syndication attorney for the Moschetti Law Group. Clients who work with him know they are not hiring just any lawyer: He holds an MBA in addition to a law degree, is a Certified Commercial Investment Member, and has advanced financial analysis training that allows him to offer clients a clear view on the economic decisions they are making. He also provides clients the benefit of his extensive experience working with very high net worth individuals and Fortune 500 companies. Recently, Moschetti has worked with real estate investors and tenants to continue to do deals in the increasingly complex industry. He has brokered transactions in Calabasas and Palm Springs, negotiated leases for retail tenants bravely starting businesses in the COVID era, helped developers acquire and entitle property, and helped real estate syndicators through business formation and fundraising issues.