Adrian Mendoza

DEIA 2022 Headshots

Co-Founder & General Partner
Mendoza Ventures

Adrian Mendoza’s story started right in Los Angeles as a child of two Mexican immigrants. Both of them worked out of their house and were both entrepreneurs. He then moved to Boston in the late 1990s and launched his first company in 2008. As a founder of Mendoza Ventures, Adrian said he saw no one who looked like him, which became even more prevalent as a venture capitalist. During his first five years growing Mendoza Ventures, he felt as if his firm was the only Latino-led venture capital firm on the East Coast and that was a sad realization. He helped start the firm to address the funding gap in the pre-seed investment stage for underrepresented founders. Mendoza Ventures prioritizes diversity and has a purpose to change the face of venture capital - they are more than just a check; they support their founders throughout their journey.