Catherine Mattice

DEIA 2022 Headshots

Founder & CEO
Civility Partners

Catherine Mattice has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to one mission – building a community of thriving individuals starting at the place they spend the majority of their time: the workplace. She specializes in coaching toxic leaders - those identified as abrasive, abusive or engaging in workplace bullying. Her method was designed specifically for people who are unaware of, or who minimize, the impact of their abusive communication and behavior, and is based on Dr. Laura Crawshaw’s extensive research with over 450 executives, managers, supervisors and professionals. Mattice genuinely cares about her team as people, respect and welcome differences. By treating all team members with fairness and respect, she allocates resources and holds herself accountable for enhancing diversity and inclusion. She arranges monthly impact meetings with her staff to convey positive news and reward their individual contributions.