Dr. Giovanna Brasfield

DEIA 2022 Headshots

CEO & Principal Consultant
Brasfield & Associates, LLC

As a change agent and advocate for DEI, “Dr. G” Brasfield has developed programs and guided innovative thinking that has led to organizational change across construction. Initially, she started her consultancy in 2004, but transitioned to work directly for civil or commercial contractors. During tumultuous times, she decided to leave her vice president position to relaunch her firm in 2021 and utilize her requisite skills to assist and enhance DEI programs for organizations across construction. Brasfield has used inclusion in leading trainings, strategy and Employee Resource Groups (ERG) within organizations through systems design, organizational change, allyship and leadership development. She drives organizations to go beyond DEI talk by taking actionable steps to create culturally diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces from trainings, conversations, methods and actions. A longtime consultant and advocate for DEI education, workforce issues and small businesses, Brasfield is a passionate change agent across the construction industry.