Kelsey McCann

DEIA 2022 Headshots

Chief of Staff
Edelson P.C.

Three years ago at the age of 25, Kelsey McCann was elevated to the position of chief of staff of Edelson P.C., a national plaintiff’s law firm. Her marching orders were clear, though undefined: “Find a place where the firm is failing and fix it.” She started on diversity, delivering a sobering message to the firm. Despite the best of intentions, Edelson P.C. was failing to recruit and retain diverse talent. McCann had a larger message: diverse candidates were not finding their way to the plaintiff’s bar. She changed the recruiting process at the firm and devised a summer program to ensure that law students got real training and mentorship. The results were outstanding; currently half of the firm are women and more than 30% represent traditional minority communities, with six women and three men in leadership roles.