Finalist: Laurence Midler


Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer
CBRE, Inc.
New York University School of Law

Laurence “Larry” Midler is executive vice president, general counsel and chief risk officer for CBRE. Midler is a member of CBRE’s Executive Committee and oversees its legal, compliance and risk management functions. Prior to joining CBRE, Midler served as general counsel and previously as assistant general counsel to Micro Warehouse, Inc. Midler helped guide CBRE through its phenomenal growth from under $3 billion in revenue, when he took over the Law Department, to revenue of $24 billion in 2020 alone. He has grown his department carefully, hiring high-powered lawyers who often work harder than the outside counsel they engage - a pace and high standard of practice set by Midler himself. He is an extremely competent legal advisor to CBRE’s management and board as they continue to navigate the challenges created by COVID-19. He also helped lead the firm through its IPO, several transformational acquisitions and a period of global expansion and robust growth.