Scott Rahn


Founder and Managing Partner
University of San Diego School of Law

Scott Rahn is known for in-depth financial investigations and deftly handling intra-family dynamics and decades-long family friction. He has extensive experience in courts, arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution forums across California as well as in key retirement centers in the United States and through strategic partnerships in international locations. Rahn’s clients are typically embroiled in inheritance disputes, trust contests, will contests, caregiver undue influence, step-parent undue influence, sibling undue influence, estate administration irregularities, beneficiary bias, trustee misappropriation, accounting irregularities, breach of fiduciary duty, beneficiary theft, trust investigations, accusations of wrongdoing, fraudulent behavior, wrongfully taking something from an estate and breach of fiduciary duties. He focuses on identifying and correcting where behavior went wrong and pointing out where allegations of wrongdoing are simply wrong.