Steve T. Gubner


Managing Partner
Brutzkus Gubner
McGeorge School of Law

Steve Gubner, Brutzkus Gubner’s managing partner, represents financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies (and their financing divisions), closely held businesses and high-net-worth individuals in complex bankruptcy and insolvency matters. He is known in the insolvency arena as the “involuntary bankruptcy go-to lawyer” because of his management of the sensitive issues surrounding involuntary bankruptcy filings and the general business advice he applies to navigate potential pitfalls and solve problems before they occur. In addition, he is adept in complex bankruptcy insolvency matters. Gubner is particularly skilled in commercial collections for banks and financial institutions and has successfully litigated heavily contested, multimillion-dollar real/personal property and equity line financing cramdown cases. He also assists in pre-bankruptcy, pre-workout and wealth management advice and planning.