Arameh Zargham O’Boyle

Business of Law 2022

Pepperdine Caruso School of Law

Mintz Member Arameh Zargham O’Boyle is a litigator who focuses her practice on defending product manufacturers in complex product liability and consumer class action litigation. She represents businesses in various industries including cosmetic, personal care products, medical device, pharmaceutical, over-the-counter drugs, food, retail, and electronics. She regularly advises on product labeling and advertising strategies to navigate the requirements of the FDA’s Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and mitigate challenges under California’s consumer protection laws. She counsels product manufacturers on issues arising throughout a product’s life cycle, including product labeling and marketing, risk assessment and prevention strategies and corrective actions and recalls. She also represents clients in consumer product class action litigation involving violations of California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Unfair Competition Law and other deceptive, false and misleading advertising laws. Arameh represents companies in high-profile litigation and has extensive experience managing and coordinating complex class action and multidistrict litigation.