Finalist: Christine Son

Business of Law 2022

Senior Vice President, Legal, General Counsel and Secretary
Dine Brands Global
UCLA School of Law

Having worked at Dine Brands for more than 10 years, Christine Son has developed a positive reputation as being a brand-focused attorney that’s in touch with the company’s franchisees, which played a critical role in her ability to navigate the pandemic with empathy.

When the pandemic hit, Son understood that Applebee’s and IHOP’s franchisees’ businesses, as well as the livelihoods of their restaurant team members, were on the line. With her leadership, Dine’s legal department worked around the clock to monitor, interpret, and advise on the huge legislative bills, local and state guidelines, and government regulations that were changing seemingly by the hour for the last two years. All of which is not an easy task for a company with over 3,483 locations in 17 countries, but Son and her team made it a priority to help Dine’s restaurants and franchisees navigate the challenging landscape.