Finalist: Irene Liu

Business of Law 2022

Chief Legal Officer
UC Berkeley School of Law

Irene Liu is an operator who has successfully built and scaled hypergrowth technology companies through successful M&A deals, financings and investments to achieve multi-billion dollar valuation. She is known for her pragmatism and ability to find solutions to move the business forward, regardless of the obstacle.

Liu spurred Hopin’s growth through the execution of six M&A acquisitions and two financings which last valued Hopin, a two-year old start-up, at $7.8 billion. Within her first-year at Hopin, Liu helped scale the company from one product to a multi-product business through strategic M&A transactions, and from 250 to 1000+ employees across 45+ countries. She led the organization’s global entity strategy, employment and equity strategy, and expansion strategy for Hopin’s vast global footprint. Prior to Hopin, Liu helped Checkr scale its data business by executing four M&A transactions and integrations and two financings, which then valued Checkr at $2.2 billion.