Finalist: Thomas James Greig Scott

Business of Law 2022

Chief Legal Officer
Tools for Humanity Corp. (Worldcoin)
Stanford Law School

Thomas James Greig Scott helps grow companies developing innovative technology to advance human well-being, and is especially passionate about promoting participatory, inclusive, and decentralized governance models; and combating illicit financial flows.

Today, Scott is the chief legal officer of Tools for Humanity Corp., a company pursuing the ambitious goal of promoting financial inclusion by using a biometric device to distribute its Worldcoin cryptocurrency fairly to billions of people. Since joining the company as its first legal hire in early 2021, Scott has helped lead multiple funding rounds that have carried the company to a $1 billion valuation and built a legal team now comprised of five people, charged with navigating the complex, evolving and sometimes intersecting areas of virtual currency and data privacy regulation in several countries. His team has leveraged automations to handle upwards of 1,200 agreements and supported the needs of the Worldcoin team.