Honoree: Carla Bedrosian

Business of Law 2022

Senior Corporate Counsel
SimplePractice, LLC
Harvard Law School

Carla Bedrosian is senior corporate counsel for SimplePractice, LLC (subsidiary), EngageSmart (parent), and an advocate for women’s and children’s rights in both her community in and around Los Angeles and her mother country of Armenia. She is also an invited member of Chief, an elite and diverse organization focused on empowering and connecting high-powered executive women across the country. Bedrosian started at SimplePractice in 2021. By offering software options to make the business of private practice easier and more accessible for mental health and wellness practitioners, SimplePractice embodies a mission that aligns well with Bedrosian’s.

In her senior role with the company, she is a key part of continually forwarding SimplePractice’s mission to empower healthcare and wellness providers, and in turn empower their clients and communities. Throughout her career, Bedrosian has strived to connect with and uplift as many people as possible, offering advice and access to her vast network to colleagues and other community members alike and serving as a mentor to many of her female colleagues.

A fierce proponent of expanding resources as widely as possible, she has experience creating opportunity and security for vulnerable populations, including through her work with the Armenian Lighthouse Charitable Foundation, which opened the first domestic violence center on the outskirts of the capital city of Yerevan in Armenia. She was a board member at the Foundation for over 10 years.

Bedrosian is well-known in the legal field as a creative and outside-the-box critical thinker, often being tasked with the most complicated legal and business matters. Thanks to her training as both an artist and a lawyer, she possesses both extensive legal and business expertise, and significant creative, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Many of her career and legal accomplishments are due to her meticulous eye for detail, unrelenting passion for her clients and causes, and ability to persuade opponents to agree to solutions by getting at the heart of the underlying motivation of all parties.