Nominee: Anne Haley

Business of Law 2022

Managing Assistant City Attorney
Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office
Stanford Law School

Anne Haley was born into a family where civic duty was the expectation. Growing up hearing the story of how her father, George Haley, was selected to desegregate the University of Arkansas Law School in 1949 acted as impetus for her to pursue her own career in the law. Graduating from Stanford Law School in 1987, Haley began her career in “big law,” practicing entertainment litigation at Wyman Bautzer Kuchel and Silbert.

It was as an associate to Johnnie L. Cochran that Haley’s interest in fairness and equity within the judicial system was particularly honed. Joining the City Attorney’s Office was a natural outgrowth of that. Over the past 20 years, she has dedicated much of her time volunteering for the efforts of the City Attorney’s Office to effectuate criminal justice reform, civil dispute resolution, and greater equitable applications of the law.