Nominee: Roy Hadavi

Business of Law 2022

General Counsel
Flynt Management Group, LLC
Southwestern Law School

Roy Hadavi started his career as a solo attorney practicing general transactional business law; his mindset being that in order to advise businesses, you need to know how to run one. After a few years having garnered an understanding of business, Hadavi transitioned to the in-house world, where he has thrived. He has worked as in-house counsel for a staffing agency, a childcare agency, and is now the general counsel of Flynt Management Group, an entertainment management firm.

At Flynt Management Group, Hadavi has exemplified his value-add mentality and desire to help all aspects of his workplace. He has implemented a legal tracking software to leverage technology for efficiency, metrics and execution. Hadavi also has a deep desire to teach and give back to the next generation. He has assisted college students with learning about the law and helped them determine whether to pursue a legal career.