Robert Hudock

Business of Law 2022

Managing Attorney
Hudock Employment Law Group
University of San Diego School of Law

Robert Hudock founded Hudock Employment Law Group in 2015 to deliver tailored legal services to companies that thrive in vibrant, creative work environments. His clients are often companies looking at new markets and competitive opportunities that want to recruit the best talent available while avoiding distracting workplace issues or lawsuits. Hudock is an experienced litigator with over 20 years of practice and has devoted his career to employment law for businesses for the last 15 years. He spent several years in “Big Law” and has experience managing large litigation teams. Hudock was drawn to the human side of employment law, helping clients overcome challenges presented by difficult issues and sparing them the angst of conflict and worry.

Known for his careful case analysis and preparation, thoughtful counsel and leadership skills, Hudock is a disciplined advocate and tenacious litigator for his clients, regularly finding creative solutions for legal problems deemed “lost causes” by others.