Finalist: Njeri Mutura

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In-house counsel 2023

Assistant General Counsel, Strategic Pursuits & Partnerships
Microsoft Corporation
University of Windsor

The in-house legal team that Njeri Mutura leads is tasked with supporting the top-tier strategic and complex technology transactions for the Americas at Microsoft Corporation, which typically translates to the largest deals the company sees globally. Her team is thoughtfully set up to enhance and support the objectives and priorities of the business.

They ensure the rhythm of their operations is synchronized and aligned to that of the business and therefore actively participate in the cadence of key meetings so that they are walking in lockstep with their clients. Mutura and her team have frequent touchpoints so that they understand and contribute to Microsoft’s strategic discussions and have a view of established priorities, execution plans, and the deal pipeline. This puts her in a position to provide timely, effective counsel in a manner that contributes to optimal business results.