Christianne F. Kerns

CRE Visionaries 2023
(Jeff Drongowski)

Managing Partner
Hahn & Hahn LLP
Professional Services

Christianne Kerns is the first female managing partner at Hahn & Hahn LLP, a respected law firm in Pasadena. Under her thoughtful leadership, the firm has transformed into a majority women-owned business, with a focus on inclusivity and representation. As managing partner, she oversees strategic direction, organizational goals, operations and client relationships. She is also an active practitioner in real estate and business law, specializing in commercial transactions and finance.

Kerns serves as outside general counsel to various private companies and is experienced in corporate governance, compliance and strategic partnerships. In addition to her professional commitments, she dedicates significant time to community service, holding positions on the boards of Five Acres, the Hastings Foundation and Villa Esperanza Services.