Manly Danh

CRE Visionaries 2023

Founder & CEO

Manly Danh, Founder and CEO of, is a visionary leader who has revolutionized real estate investment and access to capital opportunities. With a track record of over $450 million, he has established as a specialized real estate finance firm with a mission to democratize the U.S. housing market. Danh’s exceptional business acumen and solution-oriented mindset have enabled him to complete over $150 million in real estate developments and build an innovative firm.

Coming from humble beginnings as an immigrant’s son, Danh is dedicated to bridging the wealth gap. His entrepreneurial strengths are evident in his founding of EQ1 Real Estate and Places Inc. Manly’s impact extends beyond business, as he actively participates in non-profit organizations, empowering others and shaping the future of the real estate industry.