Roy Joseph Jimenez

2022 CRE profiles


Roy Jimenez, a partner at TLD Law since 2006, has over 25 years of experience in business and real estate litigation. Mr. Jimenez has extensive experience in resolving or litigating large, small, and complex business disputes. He is successful in economically and favorably settling real estate disputes affecting title, transfer, and use of real property, and lending issues. In this capacity he works with agents, buyers, sellers, lenders and escrow officers.

Jimenez consults and provides general counsel services to financial institutions, medical practices, entertainment, retail, distribution, manufacturing and national packaging and packaging-related businesses. He enjoys the competitive and fast-paced nature of civil litigation and strives to reach successful results in the most cost-efficient manner for each client. What sets Jimenez apart is his ability to simplify complex matters as well as relate with the jury.