Alexander L. Cappello

Banking and Finance 2023

Chairman & CEO
Cappello Global, LLC
Investment Banking

Alexander Cappello began his career as an investment banker over 49 years ago while attending and pursuing a degree at USC in business administration. His Cappello Group, Inc./Cappello Global, LLC is one of the oldest and most respected independent investment banks in Los Angeles, with its principals completing over $160 billion in transactions in more than 50 countries.

In the past year, Cappello Global has successfully met the needs of several clients, serving as the exclusive private capital placement investment banker to the largest local business courier company and to a manufacturer and supplier of products and services to the beverage, edible oils, industrial, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology liquid processing industries. Cappello also served as an exclusive financial advisor to an L.A.-based specialty foods marketer and manufacturer, as well as serving as an exclusive sell-side advisor for a major ski resort.