Carson Lappetito

Banking and Finance 2023

Sunwest Bank
Commercial Banking

Carson Lappetito serves as president and director of Sunwest Bank, an entrepreneurial business bank headquartered in Sandy, UT with operations across the U.S. He also serves as president and director of its parent company, H Bancorp. Prior to the formation of H Bancorp, Lappetito served as vice president of Hovde Private Equity Advisors, where he was responsible for analyzing and valuing investment opportunities as well as assisting portfolio companies with M&A, operational strategy, investment management, and ALCO. He is also a co-founder and general partner of BankTech Ventures.

Lappetito is an active investor in multiple companies at various stages of growth. He also oversees the Sunwest Bank Charitable Foundation, which aims to ensure the care of vulnerable children and families by supporting organizations that meet food, housing, healthcare, safety, and educational needs, having granted $3.8 million to support families and children worldwide.