Dustin Gale

Banking and Finance 2023

Senior Wealth Advisor
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Wealth Advisors
Asset/Investment Management

Dustin Gale focuses on holistic planning for his clients and sees it as an opportunity to cut through the noise of everyday life and offer his clients constructive guidance. By setting a strategic plan for his clients, he feels he is setting a disciplined approach to allow his clients to go out and enjoy their lives without focusing on that noise. Gale is committed to spending many hours toward continuing education to stay ahead of the curve in order to provide proactive advice.

For Dustin, the pandemic provided an opportunity to engage with clients and reinforce messages of how a disciplined long-term financial plan can help them navigate volatile periods in the market. He accomplished this by focusing on the behavioral finance aspect of his business and reminding his clients to not let short-term performances make hasty decisions.