Janet M. Bonnefin

Banking and Finance 2023

Executive Vice President
Aldrich & Bonnefin PLC (Bankers’ Compliance Group)
Professional Services

Janet Bonnefin has been the practice group manager of the Bankers’ Compliance Group, Aldrich & Bonnefin’s cooperative legal and compliance financial services and publications for 38 years. She has been the primary manager and editor of the firm’s many financial services publications, including its Compliance Companion standard procedure manuals, monthly newsletters, handout publications, and other materials during her entire career with the firm.

Through Bonnefin’s leadership, BCG has become a standard resource in the financial services industry throughout California, currently serving over 92 commercial banks, saving associations, credit unions, and other financial services organizations. She has developed a well-recognized reputation for excellence throughout her career, leading to the eve of her retirement from the practice of law.