Lloyd Greif

Banking and Finance 2023

President & CEO
Greif & Co.
Investment Banking

Lloyd Greif is a highly accomplished investment banker for four decades. The fact that he routinely lectures on negotiations at all three of his alma maters – UCLA, USC, and Loyola – speaks volumes about his knowledge and expertise. He exclusively represents entrepreneurially-owned and -operated middle-market companies, hence Greif & Co.’s reputation as “the entrepreneur’s investment bank.” Greif is a zealot for his clients, always putting their interests first, religiously avoiding conflicts of interest, and going to the proverbial mat for them.

Greif is also renowned for getting tough, extremely complex deals done no matter the obstacles. A proven successful economic cycle rider, he founded his eponymous firm during the recession of the early 1990s and has persevered through three other economic downturns with nary a scratch on him. His extreme work ethic is legendary.