Monique Johnson

Banking and Finance 2023

Senior Vice President; Director of Client & Community Partnerships; CRA Officer
Beneficial State Bank
Commercial Banking

Monique Johnson, an executive banker in the industry for nearly 40 years, is Beneficial State Bank’s senior vice president, director of client & community partnerships, and CRA officer. She was initially hired as the head of retail banking in California in 2016. The mission of Beneficial State Bank is clear and personally aligned with her own life’s mission: to practice beneficial banking in harmony with nature, help more people, and help people more.

Johnson has been an essential member of the team and her work and expertise have moved the bank forward. For example, she created the bank’s deposit calculator to showcase the crowdfunding and mission loan categories from the bank’s client relationships. The deposit calculator allows customers to see the potential impact of their deposits with Beneficial State Bank by breaking down the deposit amount by mission loan category, from affordable housing to environmental sustainability.