Pardis Nasseri

Banking and Finance 2023

Chief Executive Officer
Palm Tree LLC
Investment Banking

After starting his earliest businesses while still in school, Pardis Nasseri began a career in M&A, first in the transaction services practice of PwC, then as an investment banker with Jefferies. He then went to work as an investor with the global private equity firm, Platinum Equity, where he developed a keen interest in complex business transactions.

In 2010, Nasseri founded the first iteration of Palm Tree as an independent sponsor that invested in several businesses. Shifting industry dynamics, his entrepreneurial drive and his passion to build led Nasseri to evolve the firm’s strategy, and by 2016, Palm Tree was offering integrated financial services that power strategic business events. The firm soon earned a reputation for specialized analytical intelligence that gives clients an advantage in transactions, transitions, and transformations. In less than a decade, Palm Tree had grown from a boutique consultancy to a nationwide enterprise.