Aaron Solganick


Solganick & Co.
Investment Banking

Aaron Solganick has built a strong boutique investment bank focused exclusively on software and technology companies over the past 11 years. He has successfully managed and completed several M&A transactions (of more than $8 billion) and is considered an expert among his peers. He has worked in M&A and investment banking for approximately 25 years and projects a positive attitude to all of his clients and employees.

A high-energy and experienced technology investment banker with an entrepreneurial spirit, Solganick launched the investment bank Solganick & Co. in 2009 to focus exclusively on completing mergers and acquisitions software and tech-enabled services companies. Prior to starting Solganick & Co., he was a senior investment banker with B. Riley FBR, KPMG Corporate Finance, Southwest Securities, and Bear Stearns & Co.