Your guide to 2022 L.A elections: Homelessness, housing, crime and other big issues

A homeless encampment near City Hall in January.
A homeless encampment near City Hall in January.
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)
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As voters head to the polls across Los Angeles to elect new leaders, a new poll finds homelessness, housing affordability and crime among their top issues.

The new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll, co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, asked what two issues were most important in deciding whom to support for mayor. Among likely voters, these were the results:

  • Homelessness 49%
  • Crime and public safety 40%
  • Housing affordability 25%
  • Education and schools 12%
  • Jobs and the economy 12%
  • Climate change 11%
  • Racial justice 10%
  • Abortion 7%
  • Taxes 5%
  • Transportation 3%
  • Coronavirus 3%

Homelessness, housing and crime have been dominant issues in the mayor’s race as well as many down-ballot city races and council elections.


Here are stories on other major findings from our polls:

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