Crews extinguish fire at Chevron El Segundo refinery

Aerial view of firefighters spraying water on flames burning in an oil refinery.
Firefighters spray water on flames at the Chevron oil refinery in El Segundo on Tuesday night.
(KTLA-TV Channel 5)

Fire crews battled flames for more than two hours at the Chevron El Segundo refinery before extinguishing the blaze Tuesday night.

The incident was reported around 6:15 p.m. at the fuel refinery in the 300 block of El Segundo Boulevard, the city of El Segundo said in an alert. The fire was extinguished as of 8:35 p.m.

Footage from KTLA-TV Channel 5 showed crews spraying water on roaring flames in an unidentified part of the refinery.


A flash-flood warning meant for about 1,500 people in the Fish fire burn area was sent throughout L.A. County, the National Weather Service said. Stormwater swept away a group of people in Ontario.

Nov. 8, 2022

El Segundo city officials said the fire was isolated with “no offside impact or public threat.”

“There were no air emissions exceedances detected by the refinery’s fence line monitoring system,” Tyler Kruzich, a spokesman for Chevron, said in an email Wednesday. “The isolated fire did not occur at any of the refinery’s major processes units and does not impact the refinery’s ability to supply petroleum products to its customers in the region.”

No injuries were reported.

The El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and Chevron fire departments remained on the scene.