Oscars 2021: Who is singer Molly Sandén, the voice behind ‘Husavik’?


Whose beautiful voice was singing “Husavik” on the Oscars pre-show? That was Molly Sandén, a.k.a. Sweden’s equivalent of Adele.

The 28-year-old Swedish singer is the unseen star of “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga,” in which she voiced all songs performed by Rachel McAdams’ character, Sigrit Ericksdóttir. Will Ferrell costars as Lars Erickssong.

For the record:

9:07 a.m. April 30, 2021This post says that Molly Sandén finished 10th in the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest; she finished third.

Songwriters Savan Kotecha, Max Grahn and Rickard Göransson are nominated in the Oscars’ original song category for the tune, which, in translation, is titled “My Hometown.” Sandén performed it admirably Sunday night with a girls choir and musical accompaniment from Husavik, Iceland.


Sandén didn’t expect the “Fire Saga” job. She was on vacation in L.A. a couple of years ago — with a goal of doing no work while on break — when she got a call from a producer asking if she’d like to lay down a few voice tracks while she was in town, she said in a Saturday interview for Eurovision 2021.

Initially intended as a comedic moment, the “Eurovision” song “Husavik (My Hometown)” becomes a sweet tear-jerker.

March 23, 2021

“I was super hungover. I was also a little hesitant because me and my friend had planned to spend the day hiking. I had to convince her that in return for the trip to the studio, [the producer] would buy us dinner,” she said.

“When I got to the studio and found out more about ‘Fire Saga,’ I just felt that it was meant to be. I am Sigrit — that’s the younger me, wanting to hit those high notes and perform at Eurovision,” the singer said.

Sandén finished 10th in the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, where she represented her home country. Since then she has appeared in the Melodifestivalen, which decides Sweden’s Eurovision entry each year.

“Husavik” ends with the character Sigrit sustaining an epically high C sharp. It was supposed to be a comedic moment, but the way McAdams portrayed Sigrit with so much heart turned the moment into a tear-jerker.

“The important part was to channel a huge, operatic feel, much in the way Roy Orbison ends his songs, that’s just so beautiful. We didn’t have any respect for how high Molly actually can sing,” co-composer Fat Max Gsus told The Times in March.


“I spoke with her today,” songwriter Kotecha said of Sandén realizing she could be performing at the Oscar ceremony. “She was like, ‘I’m trying to practice the note!’”