Bad Bunny says he tossed fan’s phone in viral video due to ‘a lack of respect’

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Bad Bunny attends the 2022 Met Gala in New York City.
(Evan Agostini / Invision / Associated Press)

Bad Bunny has addressed a viral video that shows him throwing a fan’s phone after the person tries to take a selfie with him on the street.

In a Monday tweet, the reggaeton sensation explained that he tossed the fan’s phone due to “a lack of respect” and offered examples of what he would consider respectful fan interactions.

“The person who comes up to me to greet me, tell me something or just meet me will always receive my attention and respect,” the chart-topping “Un Verano Sin Ti” artist tweeted in Spanish. “Those who come to put a damn phone in my face, I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect and treat it as such.”

The controversial clip, seen here in a tweet from @donfelixSPM, depicts a crowd of people following the musician across a bridge. When one woman walks up next to Bad Bunny and holds her phone out in an apparent attempt to take a selfie, he briefly smiles for the camera before throwing the fan’s phone toward the body of water below.


The fan watches the flying phone in shock, while another person remarks in Spanish, “Wow, seriously?” The video has amassed millions of views and sparked a debate as to whether Bad Bunny’s actions were justified.

Some have criticized Bad Bunny’s behavior, while others have taken the vocalist’s side, contending that the fan invaded his personal space.

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Fellow musician Lido Pimienta replied to Bad Bunny’s tweet, saying she saw nothing wrong with how he handled the situation. Pimienta added that, if anything, the fan behaved badly by disturbing him while he was walking calmly down the street.

In October, singer Steve Lacy ignited a similar discussion when he was filmed smashing a fan’s disposable camera onstage after a concertgoer threw an object that struck him in the leg. Lacy later admitted that he “maybe ... couldve reacted better” in the moment but didn’t believe he owed “anyone an apology.”

“I don’t blame him,” @SequanHaynes tweeted in response to the Bad Bunny video. “Honestly I would’ve done the same.”


“The bad bunny fandom is so weird,” tweeted @adrianaserret. “What he did was rude af and if it would’ve been done to anyone defending him now their narrative would be different. Stop putting celebrities on pedestals!”

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