Bill Murray and Kelis might be dating? The year of unexpected couples continues

A diptych of singer Kelis and actor Bill Murray
Bill Murray, right, was in the audience as “Milkshake” singer Kelis performed at the Mighty Hoopla Festival on June 3 in London.
(Joseph Okpako / WireImage; Jordan Strauss / Invision/Associated Press)

First Bad Bunny started hanging out with Kendall Jenner. Then Taylor Swift reportedly dated Matt Healy. But perhaps the title for most confounding alleged couple of 2023 goes to actor Bill Murray and singer Kelis.

Per the U.S. Sun, Murray, 72, and Kelis, 43, reportedly have been “getting close for a while.” But neither has publicly confirmed their purported relationship.

The duo recently was photographed together and Murray was seen watching Kelis’ performance at London’s Mighty Hoopla Festival. (The actor, who last year was accused of misbehaving at work, is currently filming the upcoming “Ghostbusters” sequel in the U.K.)

Her third album displays a range that goes beyond her hit song.

March 4, 2004

Representatives for Murray and Kelis did not immediately respond Friday to The Times’ requests for comment.

Meanwhile, the “Milkshake” singer has been on vacation with her family in Greece, posting several Instagram stories of their island-hopping adventures and absolutely nothing about her romantic life.

Kelis was previously married to rapper Nas. The musicians split in 2009 after four years of marriage and share a son, who was born in 2009. Kelis alleged in 2018 that the “N.Y. State of Mind” artist had been physically abusive toward her throughout their marriage, although Nas has vehemently denied those claims. Kelis also recently told Jet Magazine that she doesn’t want their son to read anything negative about his father and the two have publicly appeared to make amends.


And while the coupling between the “Groundhog Day” star and Kelis might seem unlikely, both share recent personal losses — bereavements that the Sun claims they bonded over.

Murray, who has been married twice and has six children, divorced his wife of 11 years, costume designer Jennifer Butler, in 2008. Butler, with whom Murray had four sons, died at age 57 in 2021.

Kelis put Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams on blast Thursday for sampling one of the singer’s songs without her permission or even advance notice.

July 28, 2022

Kelis married photographer Mike Mora in 2014 and in 2021 Mora revealed that he had been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. Mora, who had two children with Kelis, died in March 2022 at age 37.

Following news of the “Bossy” singer’s alleged romance with the “Caddyshack” actor, Twitter understandably went into a tizzy.

“I’m just going to assume that ‘Kelis is dating Bill Murray’ headline is just a prank,” tweeted journalist Philip Lewis.

Stand-up comic Julia Claire very topically noted: “Do not let this 37-count federal indictment of a former president overshadow the objectively more seismic news that Kelis and Bill Murray are dating.”


Solange has appeared to endorse a tweet accusing Bill Murray of putting ‘both his hands into’ her scalp after asking her if she was wearing a wig.

Oct. 17, 2022

Twitter user @metroadlib shared incredulity over the situation and life in general, writing, “I’m so tired of not understanding what’s happening anywhere. Covid. Ex presidents being indicted every damned where. The air outside is poison. And now this. If the apocalypse is here, can somebody just say it?”

“hey guess who kelis is dating i’ll give you infinity tries,” tweeted @afewbadgregs.

“wait i was off the internet for one day BECAUSE I WAS BUSY WORKING and now kelis is dating bill murray and trump was indicted again?!,” wrote @meg_it_happen.