DC Young Fly gave impassioned eulogy for his partner Ms Jacky Oh at Atlanta memorial

DC Young Fly wears pink slacks and a white shirt and holds a mic
DC Young Fly delivers a eulogy for his partner.
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DC Young Fly eulogized his longtime partner and mother of his three children Ms Jacky Oh over the weekend.

Ms Jacky Oh, born Jacklyn Smith, was memorialized Saturday in Atlanta at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church in a lavish celebration of life that included thousands of flowers, a white horse-drawn carriage and doves that DC Young Fly released into the sky.

DC Young Fly, born John Whitfield, spoke about his longtime partner and the mother of their three young children — Nova, 6, Nala, 2, and Prince’Nehemiah, 10 months — in a impassioned speech in which he touched on the importance of faith in trying times.


“Jack, you know I love you girl. You know!” he began the eulogy. “But we’re here baby. Like you said, this feels like a dream, feels like a fairy tale ... but this ain’t no fairy tale. And if Joseph didn’t complain, I won’t either.

“I love y’all, I appreciate y’all. I’ve seen every post, I’ve seen every message even though I haven’t had the energy to text back,” he continued before adding that his faith is what’s getting him through. “If you think I had God before, what you think now?”

DC Young Fly leans over to kiss a casket kisses the casket that has a man standing on either side of it
DC Young Fly kisses the casket of his longtime partner Ms Jacky Oh over the weekend in Atlanta.
(FreddyO of // BStarPR)

“So when you see me please understand that it’s not me, I don’t have the energy or strength to deal with none of you,” he said. “When you see me, when a smile is on my face and I’m kickin’ it and I’m happy, the higher power granted me the strength to continue to keep going.”

DC Young Fly took several moments to address his late partner directly, looking down at the casket as he spoke. “I love you, Jack. These kids are beautiful, man.”

He even added some levity, joking that he was trying to have more children with Ms Jacky Oh. “She gonna beat me up for that one, but I love you girl,” he continued.

“And I want our kids to understand that you had a beautiful soul. And you didn’t leave us, you in heaven, your spirit is with us, you still here, and we got an amazing support system. We got a beautiful support system.

‘Wild ‘N Out’ star Ms Jacky Oh!, the partner of DC Young Fly, has died. She was 32 and the mother of three young children.

June 2, 2023

“Everybody in here, keep God first, and always remember ... do not complain. You may have a valid reason to lose your mind, but that don’t mean it’s right. Cause I got a valid reason to go buck wild, but, that’s not going to get me and my children and my family nowhere,” he said.

“They gotta see the strength, so it can be instilled in them. My kids got strength, that’s why I’m able to stand today. My baby Nala look at me and said ‘Daddy, what’s wrong? ... Don’t worry.’ She doesn’t even know what’s going on. Nova came in and said to me ‘Daddy, I’m happy’ [and] the spirit moved in me and said, ‘Man, if my children happy, then I’m happy. And if they can do it, I can do it. And if Joseph can do it, we can do it.’ So keep God first y’all, I love y’all.”


Ms Jacky Oh’s father, Keith Smith, also spoke about faith while honoring his daughter. Jacky Oh was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area by her single father, and went on to graduate from UC Berkeley. The model, influencer and mother will be laid to rest this week in California according to her publicist.

The MTV “Wild ‘N Out” star died in Miami where she had allegedly traveled to undergo a “mommy makeover” surgery, according to a since-deleted social media post. Her cause of death is still pending according to the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner’s office.

Azealia Banks was slammed for implying Jacky Oh’s death was karmic retribution for D.C. Young Fly after a 2018 ‘Wild ‘N Out’ rap battle left Banks scorned.

June 7, 2023

Jacky Oh was staying at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami Downtown/Brickell where she was found unresponsive on the evening of May 31, according to a Miami Police Department incident report obtained by The Times. Police were dispatched and she was transported to Mercy Hospital where, despite resuscitation efforts, she was pronounced dead shortly before midnight. The case is still under investigation.

According to Stanford Medicine, a mommy makeover surgery entails a combination of various procedures tailored to the patient’s preferences and can include any combination of the following surgeries: tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction and vaginal rejuvenation. But the standard mommy makeover entails a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

Smith had been in a relationship with DC Young Fly since 2015 when the two met while starring in MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out.”