Q&A: ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ star Rachel Bloom can’t be cool about her Golden Globe nomination


Rachel Bloom can’t sit still and for good reason.

Star and co-creator of the CW’s freshman comedy “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” a show dedicated to the trials and tribulations of a slightly unhinged woman still fixated on her ex from 10 years ago, Bloom sings and dances her way through each episode — meaning it’s no surprise that her first reaction to learning she’d been nominated for a Golden Globe was to do a little dance and make a little noise.

Bloom took time out of stalking around her office to talk to The Times about fighting to get the show on the air, the advantages of alphabetization and how she’ll prepare for the Golden Globes ceremony.


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Tell me there was a dance number or singing that happened once you got the news.

I mean, first of all, there’s always a dance number happening. I actually did dance around. I was up watching the live stream because I have no idea how to play anything cool. I was 100% watching the live stream. I think it’s so — especially now that I’ve gone through this and waiting to hear about awards and knowing I’m in contention for an award — anyone who is like, “Oh, yeah, I heard about the award. I was at the gym.” No. Like, no. You were waiting by the telephone like a 16-year-old in the 1950s.

Yeah, I was up late watching the live stream. And they said my name first. I guess it’s in alphabetical order. I’m thanking my ancestors for that sense of relief that our last name starts with B and that they didn’t change it at Ellis Island to something that starts with like a Z.

And they didn’t mispronounce it!

How amazing would it be if they said, “Rachel Blah-m,” like a person working at Starbucks. That would have actually been pretty hilarious.


So I heard my name, and my husband was still asleep because my alarm didn’t go off. I just woke up on my own. I woke up my husband, and then we hugged and cuddled and then I danced. I did dance around a lot.

I’d be upset if you didn’t.

Also, full disclosure right now, I’m pacing. I’m in my office and I’m literally … I just can’t stand still. I’m pacing like a reporter trying to come up with a scoop.

Are you shooting today?

I’ve filmed until midnight the past two days. And then I film again today. I film every day this week. My call time is a little later today. I’m in the middle of a work circus. I’m going to go in. We’ll see if I can nap. We’ll see. It’s a debate.

You know what, this is what coffee is for. When I was working in restaurants, there were many nights where I got like three hours of sleep, and I chugged a coffee and it was fine. That was sort of the first thing I said to my husband. I was like, “Oh, my God, I am forever going to be known as Golden Globe nominee Rachel Bloom.”


That is crazy. It’s one of the many reasons I am so grateful. I mean, my life had already changed when I got this TV show. And I said to him, “I officially don’t have to go back to working in a restaurant.” And, granted, it’s been a long time since I have, but I think when you’re in the arts, there’s always that thing in the back of your head where you’re wondering.

I was trying to make rent like eight months ago. I’m so horrible at saving money. But something else I want to say and why I’m so happy talking to the L.A. Times: I was born and raised in L.A. Our show is about L.A. I feel like L.A. has really embraced the show. We got the key to West Covina.

Are you going to celebrate the nomination in West Covina? How can you not?

Oh, my God, that’s such a great idea! I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe I will. My co-creator posted a picture on Facebook just now. When we were first making the show, we went on a scouting trip in West Covina. And that’s where we got ideas for many of the settings and locations. It was a picture of me just chowing down on a giant piece of pizza at BJ’s [restaurant] in West Covina. It’s not a flattering picture. I’m not a pretty eater. So she just posted that picture.

You know what, that’s a great idea. She and I should go to BJ’s in West Covina and have a pazookie. That is not a bad idea. I might do that. I’m going to text that to her.

Is it sort of vindicating to get this nomination, considering the show’s journey to air? Showtime passed on it. And it seems their loss is CW’s gain.


Look, I haven’t been in the industry a long, long time. I don’t claim to know everything. But I feel like the show has taken one of the most unorthodox journeys.

First of all, we were pitching a musical, which is already going to be hard to do. An original musical comedy that is somewhat dark for television. We were with Showtime, and we made this pilot and we were so proud of it. Aline Brosh McKenna, who co-created the show with me and one of the top screenwriters in Hollywood — wrote “The Devil Wears Prada” and so many other things — she found me through YouTube music videos that I had been doing.

So I’m sitting at home, and I get an email saying Aline Brosh McKenna wants to meet with me and discuss a musical show. That alone is out of a bad made-for-TV movie. That just doesn’t happen. So that alone is unorthodox.

And then the fact that we sold. It’s a very specific show. This isn’t like a family comedy. This is a very unique and specific show. And then we made it with Showtime. And then we attached Mark Webb as a director, a huge feature director who happens to love musicals. So that was also out of left field.

So when Showtime passed on the pilot, and we had this half-hour pilot that we were really proud of, we were sending it everywhere. And Aline said one of the official stages of grief in Los Angeles is shopping around a dead pilot. And we sent it everywhere. And then she had this great idea to send it to the CW, partially because of “Jane the Virgin.” And there were a lot of thematic similarities. That show was so great.

And then we talked to CW about it, and they thought maybe it could be an off-season pickup. And two days before pickup, I heard we were being considered for the fall. Within a week, I was on stage at New York City Center announcing the show. And they let me write my own statement to say at the Upfronts, which looking back, was one of the more amazing parts because I could’ve said anything.


This whole thing has been amazing. The thing, this nomination, to put new life in the show, is so amazing to me.

And you keep CW in the game, along with Jane the Virgin’sGina Rodriguez.

I just want to say [CW President] Mark Pedowitz is an amazing man. He’s my hero and my champion, and I think it’s just a testament to how good he and CW’s tastes are. I’m really, really proud that Gina Rodriguez and I are repping the CW family.

Lastly, please tell me you’ll play the Sexy Getting Ready Song as you get ready for the Golden Globes on Jan. 10.

Uh, yeah. Duh.


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