Candace Cameron Bure, ‘Full House’ gang hang out at charity event


Candance Cameron Bure has once again reunited with her “Full House” father and uncle!

The former child star attended an event Wednesday for the 30th anniversary of the Starlight Foundation with Bob Saget and John Stamos, who, respectively, played single dad Danny Tanner and Elvis-obsessed uncle Jesse Katsopolos on the show.

Bure, 37, who played spunky eldest sister DJ Tanner on the 1990s sitcom, wore a red strapless Adrianna Papell dress that she accessorized with a silver clutch from Tess handbags.

“Happy 30th anniversary Starlight Foundation!! @johnstamos @bobsaget,” she wrote, posting a photo with her TV family on the arrivals carpet.


Bure, sister of actor Kirk Cameron and wife of retired hockey player Valeri Bure, has been one of the social media liaisons for the actors on the show, which aired from 1987 to 1995. She recently shared numerous photos from events they’ve all attended together, including one of Saget’s charity hosting gigs and Stamos’ 50th birthday. (Costar Lori Loughlin also posted quite a few pics from the birthday bash.) Bure even promoted costar Dave Coulier’s latest stand-up gig, “Clean Guys of Comedy,” on Instagram earlier this week.

But at Wednesday’s event, which celebrated the charity’s assistance of families with hospitalized children, Saget poked fun about how often he reunites with his tightknit former TV family, with whom he’s kept in touch since they went off the air almost a decade ago. (Seriously, Coulier and Stamos did lunch together earlier this week.)

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“Had a lovely time at Starlight Children’s event with @CandaceCBure and @JohnStamos who I never get to see- except every two days,” he wrote, posting a pic with Bure and Stamos.

“There was actually a lot of love, that’s why the show’s a hit,” Saget, 57, told Us Weekly about the series’ staying power. “It was a nicely written kid show for 12-year-old kids, mostly girl friendly. Any cast that does well now is because there’s stuff going on that’s not in the lines where you can see there’s a spark going on with them, and that’s with the love of that show. This was a kid show and a family show so we all genuinely have affection, a love for each other.

“It is a part of culture and it’s not going away,” he continued. “Little kids are watching it now like it just started, so it’s really quite funny. The biggest compliment I get, me especially because I’m the oldest, is, ‘You look the same!’ I’m like, ‘No I don’t, dude, I’m all older and puffy,’ but they’re like, ‘No, no.’”


The stand-up comic, who currently voices future Ted Mosby in CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother,” also likened being recognized as Danny to “being in a Big Bird suit. But it’s an honor having done a show that so many people love.”

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As for Stamos, who’s done guest stints on “Glee” and “Necessary Roughness,” he doesn’t mind still being called Uncle Jesse every now and then and is grateful for the show’s positive influence on the children of the charity.

“I’ve done so much work since then, but it just doesn’t ever go away. I never tried to run from it, but I’ve really embraced it the last 10 years,” he told Us. “I’m proud of it and then main thing is that I really feel that ‘Full House’ helped a lot with Starlight and we helped a lot of kids through ‘Full House,’ through the Uncle Jesse thing to make a lot of kids happy. I could be called worse, right?”

Or better -- like “the new George Clooney,” after whom Stamos seems to be modeling his bachelor status.

“I’m the old George Clooney! George is only one year older than me, I think,” he quipped about the 52-year-old movie star (Stamos turned 50 in August). “I always used to look at George and go, ‘Aww man, I don’t know about that life, I’d like to settle down,’ but now I’m pretty happy being a bachelor so ... I can just sort of walk in my own shoes, but I don’t know.”


Stamos was married to actress-model Rebecca Romijn from 1998 to 2005. He recently said he once dated his on-screen wife Loughlin, who is now married, and said she “could be the one that got away.”

Have mercy!


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